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Lowongan Kerja PAL Indonesia (Persero)

PAL IndonesiaPT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO), BUMN was established by the Netherlands’s government in 1939 under its original name of MARINE ESTABLISHMENT (ME). The Company was renamed Kaigun SE 2124 while under the colonial governance of Japan. After Independence Day, the Indonesian Government nationalized the colonial Company and renamed it Penataran Angkatan Laut (PAL). On April 15, 1980, the status of the Company was changed from a Public Company (Perusahaan Umum) to a Limited Company (Perseroan Terbatas) in accordance with notary deed No.12 of Hadi Moentoro, SH. The factory is located at Ujung, Surabaya and the main activities of the Company are the manufacturing of naval and merchant ship, docking repairs and maintenance, and general engineering based on job orders.

The distinguished re-engineering ability of PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) has entered the world market and the quality is renowned worldwide. Ships produced in PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) are now sailing the seas all over the world.

PAL Indonesia
General Manager of Marketing & Business Development (GMM)


- Planning and organizing special sales and marketing programs based on sales records and market intelligence;
- Determining price lists, delivery terms, sales promotion budgets, sales methods.
- Establishing and directing operational and administrative procedures related to sales and marketing activities;
- Ensuring customer satisfaction;
- Establishing and managing budgets control;
- Prepare and propose cost of production;
- Leading and managing staffs;
- Representing the enterprise or organization at sales and marketing conventions, trade exhibitions and other forums.


- Excellent in management and leadership skills;
- Good in communication, having customer network and interpersonal skills;
- Good analytical and observation skills in market and sales;
- Hard worker and team worker;
- A good knowledge of mathematics and accounting principles;
- Ability to make propose Business and Financing model;
- Having known Work Breakdown Structure and develop Budgeting;
- Having support of Legal & administration and capability to Contract Review;
- Having knowledge of Production Process & Risk Analysis.


- A bachelor’s degree in marine or industrial engineering, business management;
- Experience in marketing activity is preferable at least 5 years;
- Fluent in English oral and written.

Send your complete application letter and curriculum vitae until January, 20 2015 to : HR Division PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO), Jl. Ujung Surabaya 60155, or email to:

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