Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lowongan Kerja Jakarta Tank Terminal

Jakarta Tank Terminal
AKR entered join venture agreement with Royal Vopak, the world's largest independent tank terminal operator, to build a fuel storage tank terminal at Tanjung Priok port in Jakarta, under PT Jakarta Tank Terminal (JTT). The Company owns 51% of JTT. Upon completion JTT will have total capacity of 450,000 KL and will be one of the largest private tank terminals in Indonesia. Currently phase one of the construction of 250,000 KL was completed. The terminal, started to operate on June 2010 and well equipped with a jetty and undersea pipelines.

Phase Two of the construction is planned to be completed in 2011, with additional capacity of 200,000 KL, subject to market conditions. This strategic asset will not only enhance the Company infrastructures in petroleum distribution, but it will also generate additional sales revenue contribution to the company, excess capacity of the tank terminal will be leased to the major domestic as well as multinational oil companies and traders.

Regional Trainee Program
Our Trainee program is designed to widen in scope, enabling trainees to prove themselves in different situations over time. As you move through different assignments, we will provide you with continuous learning in the form of coaching, training courses, e-learning modules and workshops. An important aspect of this program is monitoring and tracking your performance through regular appraisals with your supervisor and mentor.

The sequence and nature of your assignments depend on individual plan and you might be working in a technical, commercial or corporate function. We believe each employee is different and as careers evolve, opportunities may exist to develop cross-functional skills. Examples of job assignments following the 2-year Trainee Program are: Project, Engineering, Safety, Health and Environment (SHE), Terminal Operations, Maintenance, Procurement, Marketing, Business Analysis, Commercial, Business Development, HR, Finance.

  • Recognized university certification with excellent academic results
  • Participated in Extra-curricular activities
  • Fresh graduate or a maximum 2 years of work experience
  • Process a high degree of initiatives, resourcefulness, flexibility and a self-motivating approach
  • Has the ability and foresight to adapt and create synergy
  • Willing to take on assignments at various locations
  • Has a growth mindset, pro-active and entrepreneurial; always looking for ways to develop further
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