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Lowongan Kerja Rock Fluid Imaging Lab

Rock Fluid Imaging LabRock Fluid Imaging Lab (RFI Lab) is a dynamic company which offers latest advance technology solution in services for oil and gas company, we focus on how to image the complex subsurface oil-gas reservoir. RFI Lab services range from wave imaging (time-depth imaging), reservoir parameter imaging including facies, porosity including fluid imaging, and also analysis of rock physics.

This research company is equipped with the latest advanced technology including laboratory of seismic wave physical modeling, SeisCoreTM, for Seismic Rock Physics Measurement under reservoir condition. It is equipped also with routine core measurement (digital helium porosity meter, digital permeability meter), digital rock-mechanics measurement (static elastic measurement of core),core-resistivity measurement under reservoir condition.

RFI builds and develops the leading edge reservoir imaging software – GeoSymphony - which running on parallel cluster of 200 processors (consist various processors: Intel Q-4, AMD Phenom II, AMD Opteron).

RFI Lab GeoSymphony provides latest advanced technology for providing accurate seismic reservoir imaging based on Hybrid statistical Rock Physics-statistical Montecarlo Artificial Neural Network for delivering accurate prediction of facies, porosity and fluid type distribution of reservoir.

RFI-Geosymphony provides latest advance technology 3-D depth migration based on inverse scattering for providing accurate 3-D image of structure, including advance technology for eliminating noise as well as static’s noise

We provide pore pressure imaging prediction including fracture prediction using Fracture module of Geosymphony

Various technologies provided by Rock Fluid Imaging Lab. are following: Seismic Rock Physics, Stratigraphy Reservoir Characterization, Lithofacies Prediction, Fracture Prediction, Porosity and Fluid Prediction, Pore Pressure Prediction, Full-Wave Form Tomography, Tomography For Fracture Imaging, Wave Equation Migration, Thin Bed Imaging, 3-D tomostatic, Denoising and reconstructing seismic image, Fluid flow simulation

Software Engineer (SE)
Persyaratan :
  • Max. 27 tahun
  • D3/D4/S1 Teknik Informatika / Ilmu Komputer
  • Fresh graduate / berpengalaman
  • Memahami Dot Net Programming (VB.NET/C++.NET)
  • Memahami Object Oriented Programming
  • Memahami Graphic programming tools
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