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Lowongan Kerja Tokopedia

tokopediaPT. Tokopedia is one of the fastest growing internet company in Indonesia. Since the company launched its finest product on August 17th 2009, Tokopedia has become the biggest online mall in Indonesia. The website provides a place for every individual and small-to-medium businessman in Indonesia to easily open their online shop for free. Tokopedia also enables a secure online shopping experience.

Tokopedia is also one of the Indonesian internet company which is supported by several international VC and worldwide internet companies, including: East Ventures, CyberAgent Ventures, Beenos, and Softbank Ventures Korea.


Flat Management

Tokopedia offers a minimum bureaucracy work system. You will work in a flexible, dynamic, and challenging startup atmosphere.

Intrapreneurship Program
Tokopedia organizes intrapreneurship program, where your participation may bring your dreams come true.

Be a Part of Our Nakama
We address our team member by “Nakama,” and treat each other like family.

Our Vision

Our Team / Nakama

Our Office



As an Engineer, you have responsibility in developing, testing, and evaluating user-friendly products. Doing research on what product that is convenient for users is one of the most vital points in order to build an user friendly product. If you love experimenting and doing research stuffs, then join us and let’s build awesome products together!
Software Engineer

As a software engineer, you will bring solutions that change the lives of millions of users. Here at Tokopedia, you will work with a small team and can switch team or projects depending on business needs. We need people who are willing to learn and always eager to tackle exciting problems at huge scale.

  • Build a features, systems
  • Solve technical problems
  • Create scalable back-end
  • Coding skills in C/C++, Javascript
  • Knowledge of Unix/Linux environments
  • Knowledge of XHTML, Perl, PHP
Software Engineer – Mobile

We are searching for engineers who are interested in building products for mobile devices.

  • Plan and build web-like experience on various mobile devices.
  • Build scalable, reliable, and maintainable mobile platform.
  • Collaborate with design team and product team.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related departments.
  • Have minimum 1 year of experience (fresh graduate may also apply).
  • Proficient in XHTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Proficient in Perl / PHP.
Release Engineer

As a release engineer, you will work with software engineers to ensure our services and products seamlessly move from development through rollout and into production without users ever noticing a glitch in service. We need people who always eager to identify issues and improve our continuous delivery at huge scale.

  • Support and improve our tools for continuous build, automated testing and release management
  • Manage and improve efficiency our release process.
  • Build and maintain tools needed during release pushes.
  • Drive iOS and Android app releases.
  • Coding skills in shell script, python
  • Extensive knowledge of Unix/Linux environments
  • Experience with Git.
  • Experience with build management tools.
  • Experience automating release and build processes
Data Engineer

As a data engineer, you will build tools that are critical to moving and transforming this huge data into valuable and insightful information. We need people who have critical thinking and strong attention to details.

  • Design and develop systems and tools to enable to consume and understand data faster.
  • Architect, build and launch new data models that provide intuitive analytics to your customers.
  • Work across multiple teams in high visibility roles and own the solution end-to-end
  • Experience with dimensional data modeling & schema design in Data Warehouses.
  • Knowledge in data analysis, mathematics, statistics, modeling, or pattern recognition.
  • Data driven insights
Test Engineer

Being an adventurer, you will be challenged to identify vulnerable spots, and constantly design better and creative ways to break software and identify potential problems. You will also work with the development and test engineering teams to automate testing scenarios. Join our team now and bring huge impact on the quality of Tokopedia’s growing suite of products and services!

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information System, or related departments.
  • Experienced in Perl, and /or Python programming language.
  • Able to conduct task and responsibility according to deadline.
  • Familiar with testing methodology and tools.
  • Have experience in user level test automation.
  • High analyzing skill and attention to details.
  • Deep understanding of testing during all parts of the software life cycle.
  • Communicative and able to work individually and in team.
  • Have a willingness to learn and improvise
  • Create automation system to ensure that the products developed by the company meet the quality standards and requirements.
  • Create documentations for the test plans and test cases.
  • Set the estimated processing time and ensure that all product tests can be finished on time.
Quality Assurance Specialist

At Tokopedia, we never stop learning and improving on everything we build. As a Quality Control, you will use your knowledge of testing to ensure the quality and accessibility of our website and applications.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information System, or related departments. Maximum 28 years of age.
  • Able to conduct task and responsibility according to deadline.
  • Have knowledge in programming is a plus.
  • Have knowledge in automation test (Selenium Test / Webdriver / etc.) is also a plus.
  • High analyzing skill and attention to details.
  • Able to work individually and in team. Communicative.
  • Want to learn and improvise yourself.
  • Ensure that the products developed by the company meet the quality standards and requirements.
  • Create documentations for the developed products.
  • Test the products on desktop or mobile, with manual or automated method.
  • Set the estimated processing time and ensure that all product tests can be finished on time.
Divisi: DESIGN

Are you someone who loves building a leading-edge user experience? Do you have pixel-perfect eyes? Are you a team player who loves an agile work environment? If so, then this is the right team, and company, for you!
UI Engineer / Frontend Developer

Do you love to design websites in a browser? Are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript have become your everyday main menu? If so, you are the one we’re looking for. As a Frontend Developer you’ll having fun with mockups and building interface using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Work closely with teams of Designers, Researchers, Engineers and Product Managers throughout the design process—from research, creating user flows, sketching wireframes, drawing mockups and creating prototypes.

  • HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript development experience.
  • Have passion to build product with high-usability UI and UX.
  • Creative and detail-oriented.
  • Have good sense of art and passionate in creating great design concept.
  • Communicative, have a sense of humor, and able to work in team.
UX Engineer

User experience is about feelings. It’s about how to make our users feeling good, happy, and satisfied when they use our products. Your job as a UX Engineer is to give a world-class experience for Tokopedia users. You have main responsibilities to conduct the user and/or evaluation research, do a lot of sketching, and create wireframes that have high usability.

  • Have a passion to get into people’s head and find out useful insights.
  • Ability to develop high and/or low fidelity wireframes.
  • Great communication skill.
  • Able to create storyboards, mockups and prototypes to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas
UI Designer
  • You will be responsible for the Visual design for multi-device. You will need to demonstrate the following skills and experience:
  • Awesome Photoshop, Illustrator skills.
  • Portfolio of Mobile App design
  • Understated and crisp UI design skills, with a balance of creativity vs standards.
  • Ability to work with corporate branding and App design guidelines.
  • Some understanding of usability / interaction design.
  • Some understanding of wireframes (storyboarding) and human computer interaction principles.
  • The Mobile App Designer deliverables:
  • Design Specs for Android/IOS
  • Hi-Fi Graphics / UI assets.
  • Prototypes / proof of concepts.
  • Research future trends and competitor strategy.
  • Concept proposal and mock-ups
Graphic Designer

If you are someone who has an awesome creativity flair, imaginative, and has a great attention to detail, Then you surely belong here together with many creative co-workers and fun atmosphere. The good news is this team is not only about fun, you will also get various experiences like no other place. With your awesome skill in various design softwares, you will be working with our creative team in making graphic design needs for tokopedia. You will be responsible for making promotional items, merchandises, and many creative project for tokopedia.

Are you ready to make the magic happens? What is needed to work with our awesome team :
  • Awesome Photoshop, illustrator, and InDesign skills
  • Able to use Flash.
  • Understanding in Actionscript2.0 or/and Actionscript3.0 is a plus.
  • Able to handle various projects at once in short notice.
  • Ability to work with corporate brand design guidelines.
  • Great attention to details
Motion Graphic Designer

Are you a person who likes to make a video animation? Someone with an excited imagination, has a lot of ideas, wants to learn something new? Then you are the person we are looking for.

With a basic of animation skills and software that you have, you will be responsible to make a video animation. You will not only make some ordinary video animation, you will learn to know how to put the information you need to delivered inside the video. So the viewer can understand the information that you give to them through the video you make.

You will be a part of a great team who listen to any idea that you have and work with a fun office atmosphere with young people who have a soul like you. You will get involved in the creative process of making a video animation and get a new experience in process.

What we need to be a part of the team:
  • Can operate Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop softwares.
  • Able to work in a team.
  • Able to handle multiple projects at once.
  • Can work with something new (can accept changes in a work flow)
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