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Oil Consultants, established in 1999, our team includes experienced industry professionals. We understand what it takes to run successful projects, and we understand the type of people you need to achieve them. Built on a commitment to customer service, we can attract and retain the best in the industry. This is true as much for the job vacancies we can offer to our consultants as well as the candidates and contractors we can supply to clients to fulfil them. Our consultants are independent contractors who work on a global basis. Drawn from a broad range of nationalities and skills backgrounds, they work through Oil Consultants because of the variety of positions available and the support given by our teams.
Job Type: Full Time Job – Permanent (or on Rotation)
Job Code: 17947
Job Location: Australia
Job Title: Rig Manager

Position Synopsis
Our client is a highly regarded international Drilling Company looking to appoint three Rig Managers with extensive experience on land rigs. Suitable applicants should have solid experience directing complete rig operations and managing a drilling crew. They will also be responsible for coordinating operations, reporting and ordering supplies. The safety of crew is paramount and will be monitored regularly. All company policies and procedures must be followed.

To be considered for this role applicants must be able to fulfil the requirements below:
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English
  • Possess strong leadership and managerial skills
  • Have thorough understanding of all rig positions that lead to rig manager
  • Comply with all government safety standards pertaining to the worksite
  • Supervise and monitor day-to-day activities of the drilling crew
  • Ensure all tasks are safely completed as outlined by the client and company
  • Report regularly to the superintendent relating to hazards, inspections, lifesaving and safety equipment and ensuring all crew wear correct PPE gear
  • Coordinate pre-job safety meetings
  • Possess advanced Well Control skills
  • Maintain rig equipment in top condition
  • Suggest improvements and keep up-to-date with document control
  • Train and assess crew against established competency standards
  • Conduct regular performance assessments
  • Implement action plans and improve performance/training gaps
  • Control, delegate and participate in rig moves and staff coordination
  • Ensure activities are coordinated with minimal loss of time and effort
  • Order rig supplies and materials as required
  • Performance manage staff using company in-house disciplinary procedures
  • Identify safe and suitable repatriation for injured crew members returning to work
  • Ensure your crew and self maintain fitness and an ability to safely respond to emergency evacuations
  • Possess well-developed computer skills
  • Ability to work in extreme conditions for long hours
The following nationally recognised certifications, licences and tickets must be held:
  • Supervisors Well Control (IWCF);
  • Permit To Work and Holder;
  • Advanced Fire Training;
  • Assessors Certification;
  • Fall Protection (Working at Heights);
  • Vertical Tower Rescue;
  • Confined Space Entry;
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR;
  • H2S & Breathing Apparatus;
  • 4X4 Certification;
  • Handling Dangerous Goods;
  • Low Voltage Rescue; and
  • Oracle Application
If you are an experienced Rig Manager and have the expertise and skills necessary to execute the requirements above, and looking to take the next step in an international career, please send your CV to Work permit sponsorship and repatriation would be considered for the most suitable candidates.

Applicants who do not possess the required industry experience should not apply.

Job Type: Staff Position – Permanent
Job Code: 17948
Job Location: Australia
Job Title: Driller

Position Synopsis
Oil Consultants are looking to recruit career orientated, experienced Drillers from the Oil and Gas industry on behalf of our internationally based client who is expanding rapidly within the Australian market. With 16 rigs drilling throughout Australia by the end of 2014, this is an exciting time to join. Reporting to the Rig Manager and Senior Tool Pushers, you will have involvement across all drilling operations.

To be considered for this role the applicant will be required to undertake the following duties:
  • Develop a well-trained, reliable and safety focused crew
  • Safely operate down-hole equipment and well control
  • Adhere to company policies, procedures and government safety regulations
  • Supervise, motivate and monitor the day-to-day activities of a drilling crew
  • Ensure safe work practices are completed in a timely manner
  • Ensure all employees wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Conduct and supervise regular safety meetings
  • Conduct and attend pre-tour meetings and ensure goals and objectives are clearly understood by crew members
  • Train crew members and operate the brake handle
  • Inspect the drilling rig and ensure it is compliant with regulatory body standards
  • Keep a daily log on well history including drilling rate, problems encountered and downtime
  • Maintain all company paperwork in a neat, timely and orderly fashion
  • Update rig managers on unusual occurrences or changes in the hole condition effecting productivity and crew safety
  • Ensure that all company equipment is operated for intended purposes
  • Participate in equipment testing required throughout the drilling process
  • Participate with rig down and rig up activities
  • Be involved in the identification of safe and suitable duties for injured workers.
  • Monitor the development, progress and return to work of injured workers whilst complying with all aspects of privacy and confidentiality
The successful candidate should have the outlined training and certifications:
  • Driller s Well Control (IWCF)
  • Permit To Work Authority
  • Fire Prevention and Protection
  • Working at Heights
  • Confined Space Entry with Breathing Apparatus
  • Emergency First Aid with CPR
  • Vertical Tower Rescue
  • TAPROOT (2 day Course)
  • Low Voltage Rescue
  • Dangerous Goods Certification
  • LL Certification
  • 4x4 Santos Approved Certification
This role will be suitable only for those who possess the following characteristics:
  • Physical strength and stamina
  • An ability to follow procedures, policies and lead by example
  • Works well within a team environment
  • Demonstrates effective training capabilities
  • Possess strong leadership skills
  • Have thorough understanding of rig positions leading up to Driller role
Individuals will be required to work outdoors throughout all weather conditions during 12 hour work days, 1 week day shift followed by 1 week night shift. The rotation will be even time 2 week on 2 week off roster.

If you are an experienced Driller and able to execute the requirements above, please send your CV to

Applicants who do not possess the required industry experience should not apply.

Job Type: Full Time Job – Staff Permanent Position
Job Code: 17953
Job Location: Australia
Job Title: Day Toolpusher

Position Synopsis
We, at Oil Consultants, are recruiting Toolpushers for our internationally recognised drilling client with Advanced Technology Double Rigs. Working both night and day shifts, you will be required to operate the drilling and hoisting equipment, manage the rig floor and drillers console. In addition, you will record the progression of drilling operations and communicate essential information to Rig Managers and Well Supervisors. As Toolpusher, you may also be required to step up to Rig Managers Duties during staff absences.

The role will be accountable for the assigned responsibilities below:
  • Supervision and management of day-to-day drilling crew activities to ensure safe work practices
  • Recording daily activity on well history relating to issues with technology and downtime
  • Monitoring the use of company equipment and reporting misuse to rig managers
  • Training new crew members
  • Abiding by safety procedures and establishing efficient housekeeping tasks
  • Inspecting drilling rigs to ensure they are up-to-date with all regulatory body standards
  • Updating the Rig Manager on unusual circumstances and avoiding safety hazards that may have a detrimental effect on the crew
  • Participating in Testing Equipment associated with the drilling process
  • Assisting with rig up and rig down
  • Scrutinising the productivity of the drilling crew;
  • Utilise disciplinary procedures for crew members not adhering to company policies and procedures
  • Conducting regular safety meetings and chairing safety drills
  • Completing Blowout Prevention (BOP) Drills, equipment checks (Crown Saver, Motor Skills) as outlined in company policies
  • Identifying safe and suitable duties for crew members and processed involved with investigation of injuries, development of and process of injured workers returning back to work
  • Managing document control
A number of nationally recognised certifications, licences, and tickets will be required.
  • RII50809 Diploma of Drilling Oil/Gas (On shore)
  • Health Safety Environment (HSE) Induction 1 & 2
  • Supervisor Well Control (IWCF)
  • Permit to Work Authority and Holder
  • Fire prevention and protection
  • Working at Heights
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Emergency First Aid
  • H2S & Breathing Apparatus
  • 4 x 4 certification
  • Vertical tower rescue
  • Handling Dangerous Goods certification
  • Loader Operation (LL) Certification
  • Hyab Crane
  • Corporate Policy Induction
To be successful for this position applicants must have the physical strength and stamina to endure extreme conditions, 12 hours a day for extensive periods of time and intense manual labour. You must have commitment to the team and follow all appropriate policies and procedures. You will be required to follow instructions from top line management in addition to leading a team as required. Applicants must pass a medical, drug and alcohol test. Ideally, you will have 4-7 years experience on a drilling rig and have a thorough understanding of all position and duties that lead to Toolpusher.

If you are an experienced Driller with the expertise above, send your application to

Applicants who do not possess the required industry experience should not apply.

Job Type: Contract Job – On Rotation
Start Date: May/June 2014
Job Title: Drilling Fluids Engineer
Location: Offshore Malaysia and Indonesia

Our client, one of the top global service companies in Asia Pacific, is looking to appoint two Drilling Fluids Engineers to work offshore Malaysia and Indonesia. They are looking for professionals who are looking for career development and international opportunities.

Essential Requirement:
  • Minimum 10 years field experience
  • Fully competent with drilling and completion fluids
  • Oil and water based mud experience
  • Providing onsite services by testing, measuring and supervising the operation of fluid pumping and mixing, which includes technical analysis in addition to specific product and practical recommendations for the control of fluid properties.
  • Being responsible for maintaining fluid properties on rig sites by accurately testing the properties of the fluid.
  • Providing constant support to aid operations in providing customers the most efficient, environmentally safe drilling fluids that are available
  • Having a good understanding of the crossover from drilling to completion operations such as working in narrow pore pressure fracture gradient windows, hole cleaning practices and wellbore strengthening.
  • Using your knowledge of products and services in drilling fluid technology to optimise service quality
  • Performing chemical and physical testing of drilling and completion fluids
  • Taking responsibility for maintaining fluid properties on rig sites by accurately testing the properties of the fluid.
If you believe you have the expertise and skills necessary to execute the requirements above, please send your CV to

Applicants who do not posses the required industry experience should not apply.

Job Type: Contract Job – On Rotation 28/28
Job Title: Fishing Tools Specialist
Location: Balikpapan, Indonesia

Our international client is seeking a Fishing Tools Specialist for a staff position, based in Balikpapan. Must have Big Hole Fishing experience. Good career progression on offer as well as international work opportunities.

Required Skills:
Experience in the oil field and a minimum of 7 years as a Fishing Specialist or Fishing Operator preferred.

Job Details:
As the Fishing Tools Specialist (Supervisor/Operator) you will participate in the planning, execution, and management of all phases of any fishing job to ensure delivery of services according to client requirements and expectations.

  • Provide technical support to crew and clients at the well site
  • Train, coach and mentor junior-level Fishing Specialists
  • Develop expertise on advanced fishing techniques
  • Plan and coordinate fishing, milling, well abandonment, well departure and relevant drilling operations
  • Prepare and deliver comprehensive job reports
  • Manage storage and inventories of supplies and fixed assets on the rig
  • Maintain communication with client wellsite representative, rig crew, and field support staff
  • Ensure all reporting requirements are completed on schedule
  • Follow up on service quality events with operations management team
  • Ensure incident reports are closed with clients
  • Ensure work is performed in compliance with service quality, health, safety, and IT standards.
If you believe you have the expertise and skills necessary to execute the requirements above, please send your CV to

Applicants who do not possess the required industry experience should not apply.


Oil Consultants are looking to recruit an Executive Account Manager with at least 7 years Oil and Gas experience for one of our top international service clients based in an office in Jakarta. Top conditions and salary package are on offer. Female applicants are encouraged to apply.

Essential Qualifications/Requirements
  • Bachelor s Degree or equivalent
  • 8+ years experience working within the Oil and Gas Sector for a Service Company or Operator
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent communication and listening skills
  • Good negotiating skills
  • Demonstrated understanding of the sales process with an ability to build strong relationships
  • Fluent in English (written & verbal)
Preferred Qualifications/Requirements
  • Thorough knowledge of company products and services
  • French and Italian languages are an advantage (not essential)
  • Knowledge of Tender/Contract management processes
  • Strong understanding of financial principles
  • Good knowledge of commercial and contract language
Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities
  • Develop and implement sales strategies for the clients Global Accounts within Indonesia
  • Lead the development of short and long range sales opportunities
  • Work in collaboration with clients product line sales teams to deliver assigned goals
  • Interface across the broader internal organization
  • Maintains and services strategic accounts, develops relationships at all levels with the clients organization
  • Handle special projects as assigned
If you believe you have the expertise and skills necessary to execute the requirements above, please send your CV to

Applicants, who do not possess the minimum required industry experience should not apply. --- Update : Friday, March 28, 2014

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