Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lowongan Kerja Nomac

NOMAC is a leading Operations and Maintenance provider of proven, safe and cost-effective O&M service of desalination and power plant at multiple sites in the Middle East . at operates nearly 11 GW and 2.1 million m3 per day water using RO & MSF technologies. NOMAC has developed strategic business partnerships with SEC & SWEC that leads enables it to operate & maintain multiple projects in the Kingdom; The Shuaibah IWPP & Shuaibah IWEP in the South of Jeddah, The Shuqaiq IWPP in north of Jizan and the Bowarage IWP in Yanbu.

NOMAC has just started operating and maintaining one of the largest power & water plants in the Kingdom, the Rabigh IWPP in Rabigh and the Ourayyah IWPP in the eastern region which is a combined cycle gas fired power plant with a net generation capacity of 3927 MW.

Due to its rapid expansion, NOMAC is currently looking for qualified & experienced personnel to fill in the following positions. To know more about the company, please visit www.nomac.com

• Electrical Supervisor JRE36231
Bachelors Degree in Technology I Diploma in Electrical Engineering with a min. of 15-20 years experience

• I & C Supervisor JRE36239
Bachelors Degree in Technology/Diploma in Electronics Engg. with a mm. of 15 years

• Section Head - I & C JRE36248
B.Sc. in Instrumentation & Control Engg. with 10-12 yrs. exp.

• Section Head – Electrical JRE36251
B.Sc. in Electrical Engg. with 10-12 yrs. exp.

• Electrical Engineer JRE36229
Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering with 7 years experience and training

• I & C Engineer JRE36235
Bachelors Degree in Electronics’ Engineering with 7 years experience in maintenance

• Electrical Technician JRE36234
Diploma Electrical Engineering with 12 years experience in electrical maintenance

• I & C Technician JRE36241
Diploma instrumentation /Electronics Engg. with 12 yrs. exp. in maintenance

• Technical Support Engr. JRE36237
Diploma with at last 7 yrs. experience in the same field

• Local Operator, BIG JRE36243
Diploma in Engineering with 4 yrs. exp.
For the above positions, please mail your CV to : oildbx4@jvi-global.com
• Sr. Technical Manager JRE36255
PhD / Masters Degree Degree in Engineering (Chemical / Mechanical with min. of 15-20 years experience

• Mechanical Supervisor JRE36249
Bachelors Degree in Technology/Diploma with 15 years experience in mechanical maintenance

• Chief Chemist J11E36223
Preferably post-graduate in Chemistry with environmental and safety qualification and 10 years experience

• Chemist JRE36222
University degree graduate of Chemical Engineering (post graduation in Chemistry preferred) with 4 years experience

• Machinist JRE36244
Diploma in Mechanical Engg. with 12 yrs. exp. and training

• CCR Operator, BTG JRE36219
Bachelors Degree I Diploma in Engineering with 6 yrs. exp.

• Welder JRE36232
Diploma/Min. of 2 years technical school certificate in welding with 5 yrs. experience
For the above positions, please mail your CV to : oildbx4@jvi-global.com
• Section Head — Mechanical JRE36247
B.Sc. in Mechanical Engg. with 10-12 yrs. exp. in related field

• Shift Supervisor JRE36254
Bachelors Degree Diploma in Engineering with 10 yrs. exp.

• Mechanical Engineer JRE36246
Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engg. with 7 yrs. exp.

• Performance Engineer JRE36253
Bachelors Degree in Engineering with 7 years experience in power / desalination / reverse osmosis plant

• Planning EngineerJRE36252
Masters Degree / Bachelors Degree in Mechanical / Electrical / Instrument with 7 yrs. exp. in planning & scheduling

• Shift Engineer JRE36245
Bachelors Degree in Engineering with 7 years experience in power / desalination / reverse osmosis plants

• Condition Monitoring Engineer JRE36215
University degree graduate with 7 years experience in condition monitoring

• Mechanical Technician JRE36250

Diploma with 12 years. exp. in mechanical maintenance
For the above positions, please mail your CV to : oildbx9@jvi-global.com
For all the above positions, the candidate MUST have working experience in maintenance / operators from power/desalination plants. Also, working experience in SAP and 1S09001, 14001, OHSAS18001 awareness.

To Apply: Please send your CV to above mentioned email lDs also register at www.jerryvarghese.com/applyonline Please select your source of CV as “PrintAdvertisement” quoting the above Job Title and Ref. No. (JRE). To view complete job details, please visit www.jerryvarghese.com/nomac

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