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Lowongan Kerja Sinar Pagoda

Sinar PagodaPT. Pelayaran Nasional Sinar Pagoda is a shipping company, established 1965, providing services for the consumer good, ply wood, mining and natural resources company. As A shipping company which focused in Marine area we provide more than shipping services, we also design the shipping system that are made accustomed to the need of individual customer.

Our Jetty Facilities is 62 meter with a draft of-6 (six) at low tide. The jetty is fully services with fuel and fresh water supply services. Vessels calling at the base include supply vessels and coastal vessels. Loading and unloading of cargo can be done simultaneously while fuel, water are delivered, thereby enabling a quicker turnaround of vessels. Our jetty is also providing a crew change operation complete with waiting facility

Cargo handling and unloading services is available including a full range of cranes, forklifts, trucks, supervisors and skill workers. these services are available 10-18 hours a day and 6 days a week througout the years to provide a convenience and undisturbed tenant’s operation.

PT Sinar Pagoda has a long term rental agreement for land and space that available for open storage and pipe racks with PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II . We have built warehouses and workshop, which are designed specfically to suit tenent’s needs. At the moment we have a warehouse with total space 600m2

Port Captain

* Mastering the English language orally and in writing
* Can a computer (Ms. Word, Excel and Internet)
* Has the ability Controll and Analysis
* Has the ability of Cooperation & Coordinator
* Based in around the City / West Jakarta

Administration Staff

* SMEA / D3 Accounting
* Can a computer (Ms. Word and Excel)
* Having worked in teams Traffic
* Based in around the City / West Jakarta

Staff Accounting and Finance

* S1 / D3 Accounting
* Understand and master the financial statements and tax laws
* Mastering the English language orally and in writing
* Can a computer (Ms. Word, Excel and Internet)
* Has the ability to work as a team and coordination
* Based in around the City / West Jakarta

Operations Manager

* S-1 Management / Accounting / Business & Informatics
* Mastering English
* Mastering the computer (Ms. Word, Excel and Internet)
* Understand the financial reporting and analysis
* Able to work in a team
* Understand the system and production process
* Good attictude
* Ability Coordination, leadership and strong analytical
* Want to be placed on the outside of the city

Please send application, CV and latest photo to email address:
PT. Pelayaran Nasional Sinar Pagoda
Jl. Tiang Bendera II No. 92
Jakarta – Kota 11230

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