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PetrominworkPetrominWork is a leading recruitment facilitator for both Clients and Candidates in the Resources Industries throughout the Asia-Pacific Region and beyond. PetrominWork is about People and Human Resources, as we strive to connect the right Professional to the right Company. The industries we serve are Oil & Gas, Mining & Mineral, Energy & Resources, Marine & Maritime, Petrochemicals & Chemicals.

Abseiling Team (One IRATA Level Ill. One IRATA Level I1 and One IRATA Level I personnel)
The duties and responsibilities of the Onshore Based Abseiling Team shall include but not be limited to the following:-
  • Perform visual inspection assessment (physical condition on the surface due to corrosion , painting I coating I insulation , and welds etc.) and carry out cracks detection (MPI or DPI when required) on inaccessible areas during periodic inspection and workscoping which shall include but not be limited to the followings :- Offshore installations structures (jackets legs, risers, telecommunication towers, flare boom, nodes, conductors , vent stack , etc.) Onshore above ground storage tanks, telecommunication towers, furnaces, vent stack, etc.
  • Perform ultrasonic thickness reading measurements shall include but not be limited to the followings:- Offshore facilities such as risers, lineworks , pressure vessels etc. Onshore above ground storage tanks shell plates during 5 Yearly lnspection (as per CIMG), pressure vessels etc. as instructed by PC(T)SB's representative.
  • Perform minor maintenance as and when required by PC(T)SB.
  • Assist B-scan Team on vessels scanning and Corrosion group with Key Point Monitoring, Cathodic Protection Readings, insulation flanges continuity check, etc.
Abseilers IRATA Level Ill - Team Leader.
The Abseiler Team Leader duties and responsibilities shall include but not limited to the following:-
  • Supervise and co-ordinate the overall abseiling activities
  • Setting - up and checking of ropes and abseiling gears prior to commencement of work.
  • Carry out inspection and I or maintenance work as specified by PC(T)SB .
  • Prepare and compile inspection reports in line with PC(T)SB's requirements for submission to PC(T)SB's REPRESENTATIVE.
  • Recommend follow-up corrective actions based on the inspection findings.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that all abseiling work performed is in line with PC(T)SB's safety procedures and IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association ) Guidelines.
  • Initiate and lead rescue operations.
  • Initiate emergency rescue exercises on regular basis.
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