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Lowongan Kerja Mandom Indonesia

MandomPT Mandom Indonesia Tbk was established as a joint venture between Mandom Corporation, Japan and PT The City Factory. The Company was incorporated bearing the name PT Tancho Indonesia and changed to PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk on 2001

The Company's main brands are Gatsby, Pixy, and Pucelle. Besides that, the Company also produces other products under the brand Tancho, Mandom, Spalding, Lovillea, Miratone, and also some brands produced specifically for exports.

Besides domestic market, the Company also exports its products to some countries such as United Arab Emirates (UAE), Japan, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and others. Through UAE, the Company's products are re-exported to some countries in Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and others.

We are looking for highly motivated, creative, innovative and qualified people to maintain and develop our market in Indonesia and overseas as part of the team to implement the company global business project. Now Mandom wishes to interview a suitable candidates as :

Deadline: 01 September 2016

Job Description

To fulfill our mission “Aiming to provide a comfortable lifestyle supported by health and beauty”, we realize that we need a sustainable business which is supported by excellent human resources. We have developed HR system since the beginning and enhance it in the last 10 years. We realize that to develop a sustainable business rooted in our society we need talents whose hearts are Indonesia but have the global perspective, knowledge, and skill. Therefore, we design this special global program for special excellent Indonesian young talents.


Our global MTs will have a chance to learn skill, knowledge, and Mandom DNA in Osaka Japan for 3 years. We have designed a special curriculum during the training period. The MTs will get involved directly in the process of product development, manufacturing, and sales-marketing under the supervision of our Japanese colleagues in Mandom Corporation Japan. For selection and during the program, the MTs will not pay any fee.

The MTs will receive benefit and compensation based on Mandom standard for trainee during their stay in Japan. It includes transportation, accommodation, health insurance, etc. After completing the 3-year course, the MTs will return to Indonesia to work asprofessionals and if they pass the appraisal they will have special chance for good career path.

We are looking for :
  1. Management Trainee for Sales Marketing (all fields)
  2. Management Trainee for Engineering (engineering related studies)


We are looking for young talents who are hungry for challenge and want to stay foolish to learn many skills and knowledge within 3 years. If you meet below requirements, this might be your best chance in your life.
  • Graduated From : UI / ITB / UGM / ITS in the year of 2014/2015/2016
  • Minimum GPA : 3.2 for “Sales-Marketing MT” and 3.0 for “Engineering MT”
  • Field of Study : Sales-Marketing MT (all fields), Engineering MT (engineering related studies)
  • Course Accomplished : Undergraduate (S1) or Graduate (S2)
Step I Pre-Selection: Only who meet the above requirements will proceed to the next step, no exception will be made. The first 50 candidates for each university who meet the requirements will be invited to attend interview in the university he/she graduated.

Step II Walk-in: 3 minutes interview
Interview will be conducted in English. Please bring in your copy of documents such as
graduate certificate, transcript, TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC certificate (if any), and any other
supporting documents. Submitted documents will not be returned. Interview for candidates who apply on the spot will depend on the situation and the quota left.

Step III Psychological Test: The evaluation will be performed by professionals to measure the IQ, EQ, and other psychological elements to find out the best fits for our program.

Step IV Interview with Managers & General Managers: Match-making with the future mentor/coach in the first year after coming back to Indonesia.

Step V Interview with Directors

Step VI Medical Check Up: We have to make sure the candidates are ready for 4-season life in Japan and tight schedule during the 3-year training period.

Step VII Interview with Top Management

Fill in the Application Form and send to, please do not modify the file and do not send other documents. Documents with macro or embedded script will be automatically deleted and will not be processed. Save the file with your university name and your full name at the end of the file name.
Example : “ApplicationForm-UI-MyName.xls”.

The email must be received before Sept 1st, 2016. We will not respond to any question/discussion via email or phone call regarding this program.
The candidates must attend 3-minute interview and bring all documents related to the requirements mentioned in the Step II above.

The schedule is :

Sept 5th, 2016 start from 09:30 AM in ITB (Gedung Galeri Arsitektur)
Sept 6th, 2016 start from 09:30 AM in UI (Pusat Study Jepang)
Sept 7th, 2016 start from 09:30 AM in ITS (Auditorium Pascasarjana ITS Lantai 3)
Sept 8th, 2016 start from 11:00 AM in UGM (Hall Perpustakaan Sekolah Vokasi UGM)

For detail, contact Career Center in your university!

Find us at on facebook: mandomindonesia and on LinkedIn : pt-mandom-indonesia

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