Monday, August 23, 2010

Lowongan Kerja HPI Agro (Djarum)

HPI AgroHPI-Agro, one of the world's main manufacturer of Crude Palm Oil (CPO), Indonesian palm oil production continues to grow significantly every year. Based on recent data, Indonesia has produced around 17 million tons of CPO in 2007 and 18 million tons in 2008 (Source: Directorate General of Plantation). Undoubtedly, this growth brings an advantage for Indonesian government, mainly because palm oil is not only used for domestic consumption, but also plays a major role in the export commodity which results on National improvement. Moreover, as labor-intensive industries, palm oil plantations have been successfully created employment opportunities that improves the welfare of Indonesian people, especially in the islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Papua, and so on.

This situation happens to be a golden opportunity to HPI-Agro, an affiliate company of PT Djarum. As a new business-player in palm oil industry, HPI-Agro has demonstrated a serious commitment through a series of corporate actions, such as establishing mutual beneficial partnerships with local society, promoting an integrated strategy of sustainable community development, applying Good Agricultural Practice in land clearing and estate management, ensuring environmentally friendly actions in forest and land preservation and continuously seeking for innovation in delivering operational excellence

The followings are our area of career opportunities:

1. Research & Agronomy (RA)
2. Estates & Mills Operation (EMO)
3. Quality, Resource & Practice Control (QRPC)
4. Civil & Engineering (CE)
5. Geographical Information System (GIS)
6. Legal (LGL)
7. Corporate Affair (CA)
8. Procurement & Logistic (PL)
9. Finance & Accounting (FA)
10. Human Resource Development (HRD)
11. Information Technology (IT)
12. Business Development (BD)
13. Marketing (MAR)

Please visit our website at for more comprehensive knowledge about our organization and positions available. Both experienced candidates and fresh graduates of respective areas are encouraged to apply. Attractive remuneration package awaits those who strive for excellence

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