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Lowongan Kerja Newmont Nusa Tenggara

Newmont Nusa TenggaraPT Newmont Nusa Tenggara (PTNNT) is a joint venture company that is owned by Nusa Tenggara Partnership B.V, PT Multi Daerah Bersaing (PTMDB), PT Pukuafu Indah and PT Indonesia Masbaga Investama. Newmont and Sumitomo serve as operators of PTNNT's Batu Hijau mine.Batu Hijau is a copper-gold mine located in the south west region of the Island of Sumbawa, Sekongkang sub-district, West Sumbawa regency, West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia.

Newmont is inviting skilled, trained, highly committed and dedicated Indonesian professionals to be part of our team in Sumbawa for the position:

Responsibilities :
• Comply with all PTNNT Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental requirements as well as those required under the Decree of the Ministry of Mines and Energy Number 555.K/26/M.PE and the Decree of the Ministry of Mines and Energy Number 1211.K/008/M.PE/1995.
• Comply with all SHLP, Environment and Social Responsibility requirements under Newmont Asia Pacific Integrated Management System, Newmont vision and values.
• Comply with all PTNNT policies, commitments, Newmont Corporate standards, and legal/other obligations.
• Create work schedule and staffing requirement on a weekly basis under supervision of (Senior Supervisor Environmental Compliance) SSEC and with other Environmental Specialists.
• Track employee attendance and punctuality to ensure that employees comply with company work schedule policy.
• Act as the Environmental Emergency On-Call representative when scheduled.
• Coordinate and conduct environmental awareness as part of social license to operate.
• Conduct/participate a minimum of 45 minutes of safety discussion per month. This time should include daily toolbox meetings and weekly and/or monthly non-staff safety meetings.
• Fill out a minimum of two (2) P2K2. Submit these to the Supervisor for review.
• Assist SSEC in conducting Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) related to regular or irregular activities related to environmental compliance.
• Submit the appropriate documentation of such activities to the Safety and Loss Control Dept. through the ENV secretary.
• Immediate report to SSEC if any tools and/or equipment are lost, stolen, and/or damage.
• Assist other ENV sections or other departments, consultants, governments or any visitors in conducting related inspection under direction of SSEC (Coordinate visitor visa’s and travel arrangements, room arrangements, staffing requirements, etc.).
• Coordinate necessary support activities with other departments (i.e. transportation, warehousing, infrastructure, logistics, maintenance, mining, process, laboratory) to ensure that work assignments are conducted on time.
• Ensure that NPO/Support, SCM and the contractors follow company rules, environmental policies and environmental – safety regulations.
• Review and monitor the compliance of operational management and monitoring activities in NPO/Support, SCM area, and report non-compliance issues to the SSEC.
• Provide weekly, monthly, and permit data reports.
• Manage operational and data for hazardous waste storage facility.
• Ensure All vessel/barge follow rules, environmental policies and environmental - regulations.
• Assist the SSEC in preparing regular environmental management and monitoring reports to the Government of Indonesia.
• Act as SSEC during the absence of SSEC.
• Supervise the environmental compliance of contractors.
• Supervise the environmental management and compliance of on-going construction / project activities.
• Conducting Monthly inspection of on-going construction / project activities
• Support the identification of possible B3 waste.
• Advise operational personnel on handling and disposing of B3 waste and Non B3.
• Investigate ways to reduce company hazardous waste streams.
• Advise/ supervise the emergency response group for spill incidents.
• Conducting training exercise with emergency response team.
• Conducting staff to attend operational toolbox meetings to facilities environmental issues.
• Prepare training materials for employees and contractors to improve environmental awareness.
• Ensure the environmental RATS program is properly running and regularly reported to SSEC
• Review and prepare relevant and safe STPs, Environmental procedures and Form.
• Confirm the completion of identified and suitable corrective actions and/or preventative actions.
• Manage all environmental incident notifications properly and in a timely manner.
• Support and implement environmental compliance programs at the NPO/Operation Support, SCM, including and not limited to regular site inspections and audits.
• Report results of regular site inspections, environmental monthly inspection, and other operational programs to SSEC.
• Maintain records of critical operational monitoring activities, and ensure that operations staffs maintain their operational monitoring data.
• Conducting compliance sampling as required, review and report any environmental monitoring program results as required by the SSEC.
• Ensure environmental data collections are stored in a timely properly manner, accurate, and correct.
• Check completeness and accuracy of all inspection data, spill, and other upset data which are documented according to company policies.
• Forward the data, once verified, to the RATS administrator for entry into the relevant data base file.
• All data records should handle and store according to Record Management and Document Control procedures once being reviewed for accuracy.
• Contribute in report preparation of the data results related to Environmental Department or Company requirements such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi annual, yearly and any special reports.
• Providing inputs to SSEC regarding necessary equipment, material, training program, and project proposal for preparation annual budget to ensure timely and affective completion of required activities.
• Track actual expenditure of certain cost elements to ensure that the compliance program is conducted within approved budgetary constraints.

Qualifications :
• A minimum college degree in environmental and/or science-related field;
• Three (3) years + experience in program development to collect scientific data pertaining to regulatory compliance requirements with an emphasis on regulatory programs within the mining industry;
• Certified of Competency for Frontline Operational Supervisor of OHS and Mine Environment from DEMR.
• Experienced in environmental compliance within the mining (similar) industry.
• Understand on government regulations related to environmental.
• Strong computer skills and be competent in all Microsoft Office software programs,
• Strong team building, and interpersonal skills,
• Good conversational English skills
• Good report writing skills
Responsibilities :
• Comply with all PTNNT Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental requirements as well as those required under the Decree of the Ministry of Mines and Energy Number 555.K/26/M.PE and the Decree of the Ministry of Mines and Energy Number 1211.K/008/M.PE/1995.
• Comply with all SHLP, Environment and Social Responsibility requirements under Newmont Asia Pacific Integrated Management System, Newmont vision and values.
• Provide Planning, Budget and forecast analysis to customers including financial training where appropriate and Analyse and cost quality performance
• Provide business advice to costumer/department user based on analysis of cost and capital (AFE) analyst and understand the business process
• Running the Budget, Planning and Forecast report and assist with compilation scenarios both of Capex and Opex
• Familiar with escalation calculation for modelling Planning, Budget and Forecast both of Operation Expenditure and Capital Expenditure
• Participating on enhancement BPC Planning and SAP System
• Reporting on system monitoring activities, making recommendations for corrective action to managers or Department
• Understanding the business process in operation (Mine and Process) and support operation area both operating expenditures and capital expenditures.
• Coordinating on collecting and input the planning, budget and forecast from departments and working align with costing and capital area.

Qualifications :
• College-equivalent degree with a major study area in accounting
• Fluent in English, both verbal and written.
• Microsoft Office (Excel, Word , Power point. etc)

These above positions will be site-based (Batu Hijau-Sumbawa). All applications will be treated confidentially and must be sent no later than 7 days after the publication of this advertisement. Please specify position name and code you are applying for on the top right corner of your application letter. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Send your application letter to:
HR Recruitment – PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara
Mataram office
Jl. Sriwijaya No. 258, Mataram 83126, NTB, Indonesia PO. BOX 1022
Fax: 0370-636318 Ext. 48042, e-mail:




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