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FIRCROFT supply a broad range of recruitment and workforce management solutions to companies of all sizes. Our global network of worldwide offices enables us to deliver a local service, providing the complete solution. PT Fircroft Indonesia is focussed on the oil and gas industry and currently supply s professional technical engineers, technologists and office support workers.

Now we are searching a qualified personnel for the position:

Job Purpose:
  • Responsible for all security matters in Indonesia and particularly the personnel security and plant security at the Company s,
  • Managing respective organization and Human Resources,
  • Managing EHS function in the respective department,
  • Managing the administration and report.
Main Activities:
  1. Responsible for all security matters in Indonesia and particularly the personnel security and plant security at the Company:
    • Provide leadership to assure a secure and safe workplace and promote optimal physical security of employees, assets, documents and operational and related facilities by implementing the Company s and Government Security and Safety procedures,
    • Work with all stakeholders to Develop and Implement a Security Management System for the Company s field operations (to include Operations, Plant Management and EHS Department),
    • Work with all stakeholders to plan, implement and train for all security systems for possible escalation conditions from normal up to abnormal,
    • Put in place systems to detect, prevent, stop, investigate and report any security incidents,
    • Put in place a security lessons learnt process: assessment, evaluation, remedy, with documented follow-up,
    • Work closely with Management to anticipate any labour disruptions, strikes, riots, mass demonstrations, and other escalation of normal working conditions,
    • Ensure that domiciled and visiting employees received adequate security briefings,
    • Externally the incumbent will maintain the company s good standing with Government organizations with regard to the company s security obligations and will maintain a support network to allow rapid government support in the event of a security incident,
    • Liaise with external security advisory services, security experts in other companies and embassies,
    • Ensure cooperative and constructive security engagement with the communities within which we work and develop a fit for purpose security mapping plan.
  2. Managing respective organization and Human Resources
    • Oversee all third party and direct hire security personnel employed by the company in Indonesia,
    • Ensure the implementation of teamwork and cooperation and flow of communication and information within and inter department.
  3. Managing EHS function in the respective department
    • Take a leading role in Emergency Response (ER) planning and execution,
    • Demonstrate appropriate safety behaviours and commitment to environmental policies,
    • Emergency response duties as required,
    • Comply with environmental regulations and targets.
  4. Managing the administration and report
    • Prepare, monitor and control Department Budget,
    • Managing reporting system based on the needs of the respective department,
    • Ensure the confidentiality of the company s documentation.
Organizaton Relationship

  • Other departments,
  • Other the Company s offices.
  • The Company s Engineering Contractors.
Job Requirement:

Technical Skill:
  • Comprehensive demonstrable assessment of security risk for assets and personnel established with stakeholders,
  • Suitable implementation of fit for purpose security systems with broad consultation and buy in from stakeholders,
  • Good relationship building with external parties (community, government bodies and other security advisors),
  • Be capable of being decisive in an emergency.
Education and Experience:
  • 15 years + of relevant experience relating to either oil and gas facilities in Indonesia or security services, with preferably the last 5 years in a role closely related to this position,
  • Has any necessary qualifications mandated by the GOI (BPMIGAS/MIGAS) for this type of role in supervising a national strategic asset,
  • Preference would be for an experienced security professional with strong contacts into the Indonesian security establishment and a good knowledge/experience of oil field security matters (and operations).
Basic Skill:
  • Fluency in English,
  • Computer literate.
Please send your CV (in MS Word version) to :

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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