Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lowongan Kerja Cikarang Listrindo

Cikarang Listrindo
PT Cikarang Listrindo, a power company, provides energy to industrial and residential estate in Indonesia. Its plant centers use gas turbines that run on gas or liquid fuel. The company is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Cikarang Listrindo is the first private power company to be granted a license to Build-Own-and-Operate (B.O.O.) a 1000 MW power station in Indonesia.

Lowongan Kerja Apexindo Pratama Duta

lowongan apexindo
PT Apexindo Pratama Duta Tbk operates in the Oil and gas field services sector. PT Apexindo Pratama Duta Tbk is an Indonesia-based heavy equipment provider. The Company provides onshore and offshore drilling services to oil and gas producers and other related services. The Company operates a fleet of drilling unit comprises submersible swamp barges, jack-up rigs and onshore drilling rigs. Its swamp barges Maera, Raisis, Raissa, Yani and Soehanah are committed to long-term contract with Total E&P Indonesie.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lowongan Kerja Kereta Api (Persero)

KAI PerseroPT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) (disingkat KAI atau PT KAI) adalah Badan Usaha Milik Negara Indonesia yang menyelenggarakan jasa angkutan kereta api. Layanan PT Kereta Api Indonesia meliputi angkutan penumpang dan barang. Pada akhir Maret 2007, DPR mengesahkan revisi UU No. 13/1992[1] yang menegaskan bahwa investor swasta maupun pemerintah daerah diberi kesempatan untuk mengelola jasa angkutan kereta api di Indonesia. Pada tanggal 14 Agustus 2008 PT Kereta Api Indonesia melakukan pemisahan Divisi Jabodetabek menjadi PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (KCJ) untuk mengelola kereta api penglaju di daerah Jakarta dan sekitarnya. selama tahun 2008 jumlah penumpang melebihi 197 juta.

Lowongan Kerja Bahana TCW Investment Management

Bahana TCW
Bahana TCW Investment Management (Bahana TCW) is a joint venture between Bahana Pembinaan Usaha Indonesia with Trust Company of the West (TCW), a Los Angeles-based reputable investment management company. Wide experience and in-depth expertise in investment management for more than 15 years have led Bahana TCW to win the trust from various clients, institutional and individual, as well as numerous domestic and international awards.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Lowongan Kerja Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines
Dubai based Emirates is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world and has received more than 400 international awards for excellence since its launch in 1985. Emirates now takes you to over 100 destinations in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, Asia, Australasia and North America.

Emirates Airlines is looking for exceptional people who share our unlimited curiosity, embrace of other cultures and passion for customer satisfaction to join our international Cabin Crew team. You could be living in dynamic Dubai and traveling the world with colleagues from over 130 countries. Earning a competitive tax-free salary with shared furnished accommodation. And building a career with one of the fastest growing airlines in the world.

Lowongan Kerja Saptaindra Sejati

Saptaindra  SejatiPT. SAPTAINDRA SEJATI (SIS), subsidiary of PT. ADARO ENERGY Tbk, is a well established and modern mining contractor company providing services for the rapid growth mining and related industries in Kalimantan, with more than 5100 personnel s with various expertise.

PT. Saptaindra Sejati keeps improving to be one of the best coal mining contractors in Indonesia. As the third largest mining contractor company in Indonesia, PT Saptaindra Sejati (SIS) offers an integrated mining service with international standard toward leading mining companies in Indonesia.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lowongan Kerja Inti Brunel Teknindo

Inti Brunel TeknindoPT. Inti Brunel Teknindo is the sole agent for Brunel Energy (www.brunelenergy.net), provides specialist personnel to the international oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and construction industries. Inti Brunel Teknindo clients are predominantly major operating companies and international engineering or construction companies. Inti Brunel Teknindo haves a global network with local market knowledge in 97 locations around the world.


Lowongan Kerja Premium

Lowongan Kerja P&B Restaurant

P&B Restaurant . P&B – Jakarta’s latest community-driven hangout spot serving everyday eats in a comfortable and casual setting.Up...