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Lowongan Kerja United Tractors

United TractorUnited Tractors was established in 13 October 1972 as exclusive distributor of Komatsu heavy equipment in Indonesia. In 19 September 1989, the Company went public and listed its shares in Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchange as PT United Tractors Tbk (UNTR), with PT Astra International Tbk as the majority shareholder. Aside of being the largest distributor of heavy equipment in the country, the Company also plays an active role in the field of mining contracting and has recently ventured into coal mining business. The three major business units are known as Construction Machinery, Mining Contracting and Mining.

Lowongan Kerja Rock Fluid Imaging Lab

Rock Fluid Imaging Lab
Rock Fluid Imaging Lab (RFI Lab) is a dynamic company which offers latest advance technology solution in services for oil and gas company, we focus on how to image the complex subsurface oil-gas reservoir. Rock Fluid Imaging Lab services range from wave imaging (time-depth imaging), reservoir parameter imaging including facies, porosity including fluid imaging, and also analysis of rock physics.

Rock Fluid Imaging Lab is equipped with the latest advanced technology including laboratory of seismic wave physical modeling, SeisCoreTM, for Seismic Rock Physics Measurement under reservoir condition. It is equipped also with routine core measurement (digital helium porosity meter, digital permeability meter), digital rock-mechanics measurement (static elastic measurement of core),core-resistivity measurement under reservoir condition.

Lowongan Kerja Gerbang Tata Gemilang

Gerbang Tata Gemilang
PT Gerbang Tata Gemilang is committed to produce quality goods and services meeting customers’ specification national / international standards while complying with local laws. To this end, the employees will be trained in their jobs and motivated to observe safety practices in work. It is our continual endeavor to maintain high moral ethics in all our spheres of business and build everlasting customer-relationships while ensuring prosperity for each member of our organization.

Lowongan Kerja Inteligensi Risiko

Inteligensi Risiko
Inteligensi Risiko specializes in Earthquake and Flood Catastrophe Modeling products and services for the Insurance Industry. Our strength comprises of professionals coming from a broad range of disciplines, namely Information Technology, Insurance, and Geosciences. By combining their experience in various projects in Insurance, IT, and Disaster Risk Analysis the people at Inteligensi Risiko are determined to provide world-class analysis and services for risk portfolio management.

Lowongan Kerja RS Pelni (Persero)

Rumah Sakit PelniRS Pelni Petamburan originally named Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappj (KPM) Hospital "Djati Baroe", established on December 12, 1915 by the Dutch. In order to nationalization, KPM was taken over by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia on December 3, 1957 and handed over to PN Pelni to manage it, since then the name KPM changed to RS Pelni.

Lowongan Kerja Unilever

PT Unilever Indonesia. Unilever's principal activities are manufacturing and distributing consumer goods including soaps, detergents, margarine, sauces, snacks, dairy based foods, ice cream, tea based beverages, cosmetic products and fruit juice.

Unilever brands include Pepsodent, Pond's, Lifebouy, Sunsilk, Clear, Vaseline, Rinso, Surf, Blue Band, Royco, Dove, Lux, Sunlight, Taro, Bango, Molto, Rexona, Lipton tea, Paddle Pop and Wall's. Unilever's factories are located in Cikarang and Surabaya.

Lowongan Kerja Air Liquide Indonesia

Air LiquideAir Liquide, founded in 1902 in France, is the world leader in Industrial and medical gasses and related services. Our group employs over 43,000 employees in 75 countries. We provide technology and service-based solutions to meet the comprehensive needs of our customers from all industrial sectors.

Lowongan Kerja Eonchemicals Putra

Eonchemicals PutraFounded in 1987, Eonchemicals Putra is one of the first Indonesian companies that pioneered local research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and technical service for specialty chemicals. Through the years, we have developed the expertise of our people. We excel and are committed to provide on-site technical service and problem solving.

Lowongan Kerja Century Batteries Indonesia

Century BatteriesPT. Century Batteries Indonesia (CBI) is a joint venture company which manufacturer of automotive storage battery company. We are member of ASTRA Group. Our Factory located in Cakung, East Jakarta.

Lowongan Kerja Tower Bersama Group

Tower BersamaTower Bersama Group is a group of companies providing telecommunication infrastructure services to Indonesian wireless carriers, the Group develops and operates telecommunication supporting infrastructure including tower and DAS and currently provides over 1000 BTS points of infrastructure across Indonesia.